Monday, July 10, 2017


THIS Sunday, at 6pm, please join William Hellfire, Erin Russ, and myself for a very special screening of UPSIDEDOWN CROSS at Muchmore's in Brooklyn!

One of the great battles that seems to reoccur in my life is one of explaining to the uninitiated that exploitation films - like horror movies or comic books - can actually be works of art, addressing and attacking very real emotional territory. Bill's films that I love most - DUCK! and THE DEVIL'S BLOODY PLAYTHINGS - are great examples of this, and when he asked me to help him write the script for UPSIDEDOWN CROSS I jumped at the chance. I couldn't be more proud of the results. While UPSIDEDOWN CROSS is a crazy, shocking, upsetting ride, at its heart its a story about a mother and a daughter unable to connect with each other when they need to most. 

UPSIDEDOWN CROSS' #1 fan, dangerous art authority Twiggs Gorie will be hosting a Q&A after the film!

The additional music by Miranda Taylor, Jeff Schroeck and myself only adds to it. Thanks to Heather Heather Marie Cousins for putting it all together.

Please JOIN US for a super special evening of dangerous cinema!

Check out the fb page for more info!

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