Monday, April 13, 2015

ONE LAST VIDEO VORTEX with Matt and Mike! FIREBALLS! This Wednesday!

FIREBALLS will be the LAST Video Vortex hosted by Matt Desiderio of Horror Boobs and Mike Hunchback of Seminal Psychosis!

Sad but true ... Don't worry, THIS should cheer you up!

Please join us for our swan song this Wednesday April 15th 9PM at Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers Horror Boobs and Seminal Psychosis will be hosting Video Vortex for the very last time. Tickets are 1 dollar as always. We will be set up with tapes as always. We will not return for the first time ever.

VHS-only insanity projected from VHS for only one buck!

The Video Vortex Yonkers chapter has tended to offer up the sicker side of VHS-only obscurios. And while depraved gore flicks definitely make up a huge chunk of the watchable(ish) gunk that we Videovores typically devour, there are more than a few other sub-genres that are equally as fascinating. Like, of course, the illustrious Canadian Sex-Comedy rip off! Well, OK, "fascinating" may be a kind adjective to ascribe to the blissfully mindless FIREBALLS - but it's mesmerizing to us here at Video Vortex just the same.

One dedicated IMDBer writes of FIREBALLS: "You really start to wonder if the makers of these sorts of movies even make back the little money they spent making them, I mean surely no video company, no matter how cheap, would buy a film like this."

How wrong you are friend! In the wake of POLICE ACADEMY and MEATBALLS, approximately one zillion no-budget goofy comedies were made, sold, and rented. So long as the video box had some bikinied maidens and the lofty promise of ribald humor, it was SELLABLE. Throw in a summer camp (or a fire station!) as the setting, hard-partying principal players, some cheesy rock music ... it could even be a classic. If anything speaks to the tone of FIREBALLS' truly unruly madness, perhaps it's the films' original tagline:

"Pull out your comes Fireballs!"

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