Tuesday, November 25, 2014

JAMES DOOHAN, and Star Trek Fans with a capital "F" ...

A response to all the "gonzo, make fun of people on camera" crap on youtube that I sift through while looking for positive Fan-centric videos, and a message to those who make them:

These Fans are wearing their heart of their sleeve.  They're already admitting openly that they REALLY love what they're into by dressing up.  They go out of their way, sometimes VERY far, to travel to conventions to be among like-minded people.

Clearly, these Fans have made a life choice that they consider to be worthwhile and important, despite the hateful remarks they've heard telling them otherwise.  These are the kind of remarks that have likely been barked at them since elementary school, remarks so worthless and hateful that their usage has no other purpose than to degrade.

And you think there's humor in making fun of them?  Who ARE you?  I don't have anyone close to me that's remotely LIKE you, so tell me, seriously - who ARE you, wiseguy with a microphone?

We know what WE believe in.  What do YOU believe in?  When was the last time you had the conviction to do ANYTHING that had an actual risk factor?

Have you EVER looked in the mirror and said to yourself "People might laugh at me for wearing this, but I don't care"?  Have you ever felt that glow of both being different and accepting yourself in spite of what other people shout at you from moving cars, across parking lots, or in gym class?  Ever?  Well if so, you're not acting like it.  You're acting like a bullying jackass.  If anything, YOU deserve to be made fun of.  But we're not like that I guess - not to mention we're already too busy having fun to care.

Newsflash for anybody that wants to tease Fans of any kind:

It's 2014.  There are more of us than there are of you.

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