Monday, March 31, 2014

HORROR BOOBS's Matt Desiderio is the new host of VIDEO VORTEX at Alamo Draft House Yonkers!

WHOA! Sure does help having high friends in places - I MEAN, uh ... So HORROR BOOBS was asked to host Alamo Drafthouse's VIDEO VORTEX series in Yonkers and has most graciously asked SEMINAL PSYCHOSIS to join in on the pain - err, FUN! We had a blast at the sell out screening of DEATH SPA last month and this time we plan on trying something so strong it might even fry our own, aged, sour-straw addled brains. April 16th at Alamo Yonkers it's TURKISH CAPTAIN AMERICA AND SANTO VS. SPIDER-MAN ... don't be confused by all those words folks, I assure you this is just ONE movie! 

We're thrilled and already hatched a few cool ideas for the future. Next screening, April 16th! Did I mention ALL the Video Vortex screening are A DOLLAR!? SERIOUSLY!!!


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