Sunday, October 13, 2013

13 Hours left to support UPSIDEDOWN CROSS!

OK guys, THIS IS IT!  There's a mere THIRTEEN hours left to donate for the completion of William Hellfire's UPSIDEDOWN CROSS!  PLEASE READ:

Yes, a lot of projects' creators ask for donations, and justifiably so.  But I want to personally guarantee you that UPSIDEDOWN CROSS isn't like most other projects; it very sincerely represents pure, unadulterated, and most of all UNSAFE independent cinema.  UPSIDEDOWN CROSS is the kind of movie that's becoming rarer and rarer nowadays, it's not a movie in which everything you're "supposed to think" is handed to you, this isn't the paint-by-numbers junk that passes for genre cinema.  Helping fund UPSIDEDOWN CROSS isn't just supporting some indie filmmakers-  it's a small step towards ensuring a future for real underground art.

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