Friday, September 27, 2013


Seminal Psychosis PRESENTS: another evening with SCOOTER McCRAE and his sophomore feature SIXTEEN TONGUES !

Dir. Scooter McCrae, 80 min.
Tonite, Sept. 27th - MIDNIGHT!
At SPECTACLE 124 S. 3rd Street, Brooklyn NY

Incredible trailer whipped up by the fine folks at Spectacle: 

By the early '90s, many genre fans took the availability of consumer-grade video equipment as a call to arms, producing massively personal, astoundingly original works; some of which would contain imagery and themes no studio picture would dare touch.  Scooter McCrae was on the front-lines of this strange new world, and his debut feature SHATTER DEAD (1994) is at once a staple and a stand-alone slap in the face to the tired pitfalls of the Horror genre, communicating in its own brand of subversive poetry.  Several years later McCrae would push the envelope to degrees few others would even dare speak of with his depraved Sci Fi epic SIXTEEN TONGUES (1999), a cryptic future-world nightmare with meditation on modern human mentality more brazen than Paul Schader's entire filmography. Join us Sept. 20th and Sept. 27th at Spectacle for two midnights of the extreme, passionate, and undeservedly obscure works of Scooter McCrae.  Director in attendance both nights! 


So many films claim to address the oversexed, technological nature of our modern age, but barely any ever take their content to the extreme necessary to actually communicate a serious, original idea.  SIXTEEN TONGUES, Scooter McCrae's follow-up to his classic SHATTER DEAD, is perhaps the most significant film ever made on the subject of porn and technology - it's certainly the most intense and the most original.  Made in 1999, SIXTEEN TONGUES takes place in a make-shift future world where graphic, dehumanizing, porn is constantly at our fingertips (seems unbelievable, right!?).  In a dream-like blur we follow our hero and villains down their action-film trajectory, witness to as well as their harrowing dreams and visions.  This is an inspired, low-budget work so aggressively personal and visionary that we're essentially forced to redefine the overused term "transgressive art."

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