Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lieberman's SQUIRM this Saturday the 17th at ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE in YONKERS!


Mike Hunchback here, your host.  SEMINAL PSYCHOSIS is the new home for all my film related writing and events (some old classic pieces to be imported in the near future).  We wanna kick things off BIG here at SEMINAL PSYCHOSIS and what's bigger than the area's coolest new movie theater, ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE in YONKERS: http://drafthouse.com/nyc_area/yonkers teaming up with the fabulous freaks at Fangoria to screen Jeff Lieberman's classic of worm-infested mania?  Director in attendance!

From a previous I KISS THE SCREEN post: 

1976's SQUIRM had life on drive-in screens as well as hard-tops, before its Orion VHS release cemented it in the American gore-hound consciousness forever. The man behind the camera was Mr. Jeff Lieberman, and with some talented help (not least of which was make-up maestro Rick Baker, providing so many of the film's great gross-outs) he made his debut feature quite a memorable outing. SQUIRM is one of those rare and funny films that while piling on the horror-film cliches still manages to actually break out of that mold - something Lieberman seems be very good at. It's a movie about killer worms, somehow mutated by a lightning storm, that slowly and slimily begin to take over a small town; the town wallflower and her nerdy city boyfriend being the only ones who seem to be able to stop it. SQUIRM also showcases Lieberman's ability to make a solid film, as hokey as the plot gets, it never loses steam, continuing with increasing speed towards a weird and bloody crescendo. One gets the feeling the director himself was getting excited to see everything and everyone in the film completely covered in writhing worms.

Sat. August 17th, 10 PM


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