Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Armed with an ample supply of Doritos and Sour Belts, I stumbled into Horror Boobs World Headquarters with the usual appetite for the unseen ... Matt, Kat and Jeff were camped out among a few stacks of new arrivals when the call was made:

"We're watching this one - it's a sex comedy."

Matt had sought this one out for whatever demented reason; made available from Atlas in 1990 FIREBALLS was clearly filmed and shelved for a few years.  It was also VERY clearly Canadian.  Apart from it's notable nudity - almost non-stop topless scenes, each excuse more hilariously forced than the last - FIREBALLS has the deep brand of a post-PORKY'S cash-in.  Three super cool, super horny dudes are terrible at being firefighters because they spend every waking moment partying or watching girls change out of their bikinis (sometimes both).  They hatch a half-brained scheme to get some hot babes recruited to their department and wackiness ensues!  Until things get mildly intense when some kids almost die in a fire - double underline "mildly"!

It really is like the back of the box says "ANIMAL HOUSE meets BACKDRAFT"!

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